Pick Stuff Up Off the Ground

I am like my mother. I pick things up on walks. There are a lot of beautiful things outside these days. On every walk I take I pick up berries, pinecones, fallen branches covered in moss, acorns and leaves. Have you ever seen such pretty leaves? The Big Leaf Maple tree leaves are super fun for kids. First: they’re BIG and kids like Big things. I collected a bunch today and they are currently sandwiched between wax paper with my heavy cast iron skillet on top. By next Tuesday when they are a little flatter and dryer our preschoolers will pant them. We painted thick branches from a Madrone tree this week and then when the paint dried added glitter and pom poms. They were beautiful as bare branches but we’re proud of the way they look now. I have my eye on the pretty little golden fans falling off the Gingko trees outside my house. Now they are beautiful! Go out and pick stuff up with your kids. It will take you places, good places.


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