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Did you know that our camp tuition only covers 65% of the cost of summer camp? That’s because we believe high quality, inclusive, FUN, and safe programs should be accessible to ALL, regardless of their ability to play OR their ability to pay. Help us keep our program fees low, by donating to the PlayGarden TODAY!

Reasons to Give


All kids deserve an adventurous summer camp experience.

With your support the PlayGarden is able to accept all children regardless of their family’s financial situation. We keep our camp fees as low as possible but for some families camp fees are not manageable. Donate to our Camp Scholarship fund.

“My first memory of camp was Cleo absolutely falling in love with a counselor named Mica. Not many people know how to interact with nonverbal kids, but Mica spoke Cleo’s language. Cleo was in giggles and shrieks for hours upon end, and | never once had to check in on her. She finally found a space in which she could exist entirely, without interruption, without judgment, surrounded by friends.”

Sisters enjoying the PlayGarden
Sisters Ella and Cleo enjoy a day at camp together.


All kids need a preschool experience that fully accepts, celebrates and nurtures them so they may be their best self.

Preschool tuition is an expense many families cannot afford. Donate to our Preschool Scholarship fund.

“When we first learned about the PlayGarden, we thought it would be so good for River, but that it was out of reach for us, financially. When we were offered a scholarship, it was just overwhelming. Being able to send River to PlayGarden preschool, even though our finances are limited, means everything in the world to us and to her.”

making bread
River and her friend Winnie make Challah at Preschool


Everyone needs meaningful work. Young adults with disabilities face daunting odds when looking for employment.

Your gift provides employment for 4 year round staff members and 15 seasonal staff in our preschool, camp and open play programs.

Patrick and Annie first paycheck
Camp Counselors Annie and Patrick celebrate receiving their 1st ever paycheck!


Everyone thrives in our thoughtfully designed, creatively arranged and lovingly maintained indoor-outdoor environment alive with gardens and animals.

The PlayGarden is responsible for all maintenance of the gardens, grounds and animals.

little girl playing with lavender
Sophie surrounds herself with the healing aroma of Lavender from the garden and holds a carrot she harvested from the vegetable garden.
Kids helping in the garden
Preschoolers Lydia and Winnie help Gardener Cassandra tend the Sensory border.