The PlayGarden is unique! We are both a public park and a private non-profit. There are times of the day when the garden is open to the public to visit and times where the garden is closed to the public during our PlayGarden programs. Please keep these times in mind when planning your visit.

PlayGarden Park Hours

The PlayGarden is open to the public all day, everyday. We have our preschool program in session Monday-Friday from 9am-1pm, and ask that you close the gate behind you and check in with one of the teachers. Public restrooms are not guaranteed to be open.

Upcoming Events:


Can I have my child’s birthday party (or other private event) at the PlayGarden? 

While we do not reserve or rent the indoor or outdoor space for private events, you are welcome to have your party outdoors, on a first come first serve basis if it meets Seattle Parks guidelines.

The PlayGarden’s mission is to provide a space for children with disabilities. If your family is able to enjoy another park or playground, we ask that you consider a different venue so that families with disabilities have the PlayGarden available.

Before planning an event at the PlayGarden, please make sure to:

  1. Check our calendar to make sure there are no other events happening. 

  2. Email our administrator, Emma to request to book an event. 

  3. Make a donation to the PlayGarden to offset the maintenance costs. The PlayGarden is a small non-profit that pays all of the maintenance costs of the site.

  4. Limit your use of the picnic tables to one per party. Please clean up decorations – No confetti.

  5. Pack out all of your trash, recycling, and composting as we cannot accommodate increased garbage.

  6. Leave the Load-Un-Load zone free of cars.