How is the ADA Swing in Your Park Doing?

Every time I see one of these bright cheerful Yellow ADA swings in a city park I am so proud. In June of 2008, PlayGarden Board Member and Dad Rick Jones made the clear and direct statement “there should be a yellow swing in every park”. At the time there were only a few ADA swings here and there. Families drove from North Seattle to Rainier Valley so their child could experience one of life’s universal truths: Kids like to swing.

girl in an ada swingThe Seattle Children’s PlayGarden’s mission is to improve the lives of children with special needs by advocating for equal play opportunities for all children. Here was a simple but powerful change we could make happen! That very week our board enthusiastically launch

ed the “Yellow Swing in Every Park” campaign. First to join us was Stan McNaughton CEO of PEMCO. He personally knew the need and provided the seed money to purchase the first yellow swing. It was installed on a breezy June day in 2008 at Cascade Playground, in full view from Stan’s office across the street. He was justly proud.

Seattle Parks and Recreation then joined the campaign. Superintendent, Tim Gallagher understood that a few ADA swings for a city the size of

Seattle was not good enough. There are now over 90 ADA swings installed in Seattle playgrounds.

But today when I walked past Rainier Community Center playground on my regular dog-walking route I noticed that the swing did not have an ADA swing at the PlayGardenits straps. People vandalize these swings and too often the straps are broken or missing all together. Imagine showing up to the park and not being able to swing. Our kids don’t need disappointment like that. Let’s clean up the swings! Please take a moment to look at the ADA swing in your neighborhood park. If they are not in good condition please take a moment out of your day and call the Parks Department.

The Parks Department will come out and fix a strap or provide a new one if they know its needed. Tell them Liz & Rick sent you.

To learn more about the successful public-private partnership that is The Seattle Children’s PlayGarden visit us at Colman Playground 1745 24th Ave. S. 98144 or virtually on the web at

To report a missing or broken strap contact Parks here:

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