The Seattle Children's PlayGarden is Open to Play!

Let’s get outside and play while still preventing the spread of COVID-19!

Scarecrows at the PlayGarden

Seattle— October 9, 2020 — We are so pleased to welcome visitors back to the Seattle Children’s PlayGarden. Over the last seven months the PlayGarden has been closely following City, County, State and Federal guidelines for parks, playgrounds and size of social gatherings. On October 5, 2020, the City of Seattle announced that parks and playgrounds are open for day use with COVID specific restrictions. To find details on the restrictions, please visit the City of Seattle’s post here.


Let’s work together together so children can play safely and happily.




A child plays on the swing at the PlayGarden wearing a mask

A teacher and preschool sit together on the teeter-totter wearing masks. The child is out of her wheelchair on the teacher's lap. Visiting the PlayGarden
Our top priority is that families stay safe and healthy during this time. Safe and healthy means each and every one of us is responsible for taking precautions against the spread of COVID-19. While at the garden, practice social distancing. According to current guidelines, all adults and children over the age of 2 must wear a mask or facial covering while visiting the garden. Please stay home if anyone in your family is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. No more than 5 kids can be on a piece of play equipment at a time.

The PlayGarden Serves a High Risk Population
The PlayGarden’s mission is to provide children of all abilities a safe, accessible and adventurous place to play. This means that there are many children and adults who visit the PlayGarden who have serious underlying medical conditions that may increase their risk for contracting COVID-19. Please keep this in mind when deciding to come and play.

The PlayGarden is open to the public Monday-Friday 3pm-dusk and dawn to dusk on the weekends. The PlayGarden is closed for public gatherings, field trips, workshops and events with  over five people, at this time.

When you arrive at the PlayGarden

  • Leave the load and unload zone open for families that need a physically accessible parking space.
  • Be sure to shut and bungee the gate behind you to keep your children and other children safe.
  • Encourage your children to play in all parts of the garden and playground to avoid crowding of areas.
  • Parent Safety Check: The public bathroom will be open for visitors to use during the day. Please check the condition of the public bathroom before sending your children inside. We have been experiencing a high amount of vandalism and increase in hazardous items turning up in the bathroom. If the bathroom is in very poor shape, you can call the parks maintenance line at (206) 684-7250.
  • The garden is filled with living things, please help your children interact with the garden with respect for the space.

Fun Ideas of things to do in the garden:
The PlayGarden is 1-full acre of garden magic so there are lots of places for families to play that can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • Take a ride on the NEW Rick Jones Ave.
  • Make a wish on the NEW giant Dandelion sculptures
  • Go on a Fall Scavenger Hunt
  • Take Fall photo’s with the fall pumpkins and corn stalks
  • Visit the PlayGarden chickens. *Please do not feed them anything. Extra food attracts rats and can clog the the duck pond.
  • Play music on the BongoBenny
  • Look for insects, spiders, worms and bugs!

When you leave the PlayGarden

  • Practice leave no trace. Clean up the spaces you played in and pack out garbage, recycle and compost.
  • Help your kids put toys and garden items back where in their right places.
  • Bungee and close the gate behind you to help keep other kids safe.

Be sure to follow the PlayGarden on Instagram at Seattle_Childrens_PlayGarden and on Facebook for more updates and fun garden nature play ideas!

For more information on the PlayGarden, visit our website at, email or call our office at (206) 325-5576.

Giant metal dandelion sculptures at the PlayGArden

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